The Air Pirates

November 15th, 2013

We Klimapiraten committed against the construction of coal-fired power plant in Brunsbuttel and for a quick energy shift to 100% renewable energy. With us all to actively participate, which are reflected in our goals and ideas.

Our Goals

Under the banner of SüdWestStrom over 50 municipal utilities have conspired to build a coal-fired power plant in Brunsbuttel. But the construction of the power plant would perpetuate a climate hostile fossil energy policy for the next 30-40 years and make the German climate goals unattainable.

With your help, we will bring them back on the right track! We boarded boardrooms and market places in the city involved in the nuclear power plants and move them to the exit from the Brunsbuttel project. For municipal utilities should circumvent the mistakes of the big energy giants and not burn their money in adverse climate and unprofitable coal plants but put their investments in renewable energies. Just Stadtwerke have thus become the great opportunity to pioneers in future energy supply.

Together we want to contribute to the prevention of catastrophic climate change. Our vision is a quick energy shift to 100% renewable energy and a sustainable society – without coal.

Closes you are to us are on the stream of time!

Our partners and supporters

We are not a club, or other unincorporated organization. For requests and donations, etc. but we must provide under the umbrella of Cultura21 eV us. We are in the intensive exchange with the Climate Alliance, which also supports us.

With the Pirate Party, we have nothing to do.

The Need For Planting New Trees

January 9th, 2014

If you are concerned concerning saving the earth, then tree planting is just what you should be considering on top concern. Making the many of a large lawn around your residence for intending fruiting and flowering plants, assists the property to look attractive and pricey. For any sort of landscape, an important part of preparing is the option of trees.

Growing the best kind of plants in the garden is essential. By adhering to a few suggestions it is feasible to limit on the best plant types to purchase. Shape and size is vital while selecting a half or full-grown plant. Many of the plants come to be an irreversible component of your garden and treasures. Big plants could not be transported effortlessly, so see to it you grow them at the best area in the starting itself. Review and intend the drainage system in the yard when the landscape design undertaking is being performed. The sort of dirt and option of the right type of trees is very vital to obtain the best from the exterior room around the residence.

Undesirable results induce a loss to time, cash and initiative when the plants like Garcinia Cambogia are grown in an improper way. To guarantee that your plants delight in a healthy life, room them well in the outdoor space around the home to make sure that they acquire adequate sunlight. In time, effective spacing will certainly give you, your family along with your guests sufficient tone. After a period of years, when the trees increase to their complete size and branch out, trimming on normal basis is essential. Worth of your residential property increases with a well-maintained garden, established with amazing plants. There are a lot of real-time and online resources you could get for help to source the most effective trees. You could buy them online and have them supplied as well as re-planted in your yard area.

Planned plant growing is the key to a healthy garden. Plants and plants increase on their very own, they do require a whole lot of care and problem. Plants and plants do get had an effect on by severe environmental elements, so make sure you take treatment of them according to the affecting aspects recognized.